Tribe Home Pro FAQs

Tribe Home Pro streamlines your workflow from pre-inspection and owner walk-throughs to post-occupancy and beyond. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tribe Home Pro solution?

The Tribe Home Pro (formerly known as bazinga!) suite of products is a series of tools specifically developed for builders, developers and contractors of new construction multifamily buildings and homes. These properties include condos, apartments, townhomes, masterplan communities, and purpose-built rental buildings.   

We made our tools so our customers could be more efficient and organized and to improve the overall customer and resident care experience.  

We save time and labour costs and significantly improve your resident experience.  

What is included in the Tribe Home Pro solution? 

Tribe Home Pro (formerly known as bazinga!) has four core tools to help keep you organized and on track: 

1.  A PDI or Deficiency and Punch List app 

With this app, you can easily capture details, organize progress, and report every issue and deficiency found in a brand-new building.   

 Issues are digitally captured so that the data can be shared in real-time with your internal stakeholders.  

  1. A Manual Digitization tool

Digitize the information about each home and the contents of each home in an app that is available 24/7. Include appliance use and care manuals, serial numbers, fixture information, paint colours or anything else about the home you would like to pass on to the owner or resident in a digital app.  

  1. A Post Move-in Service Requests and Warranty Submissions

Once a resident moves in, they will notice small things that are common issues in every new building. They can use this tool to submit new issues directly into our system.   

Once submitted, you use our robust reporting and organizational tools to track and update residential deficiency issues in real time.   

  1. A Community Portal 

Use our Portal to connect with your residents and help foster community in your new building. Supplement that interaction with in-app tools that help residents navigate the early stages of living in a new community.  

Where is my data stored?

Data is stored in the cloud. We use Microsoft Azure. Azure is a robust and secure cloud service that many enterprise-level companies around the world rely on every day.

What is your pricing?

We set prices according to each build’s specific project conditions, including the number of homes and type of building or community.

Please get in touch to get an estimate, as project size and composition will influence pricing.

What type of customizations are available?

You may customize how you see and use:  

  1. Floor plans. 
  2. Amenity spaces.  
  3. Progress status categorization.  
  4. Information tagging to identify and filter for specific trades or work crews.  
  5. Owner or resident information.  
  6. Addresses and unit numbers.  
  7. Roll permissions. 
  8. Inspection names.
  9. Reports and more.

What is your track record, do you have references?

Since we first launched Tribe Home Pro (formerly known as bazinga!) in 2013, we have: 

  • Made more than 60,000 homes more welcoming.   
  • Captured over 1,000,000 million deficiencies. 
  • Supported more than 90 different real estate developers and builder companies.  

Do you always need an internet connection for the tool to work? 

No. Our iPad app lets on-site crews work offline, so your teams can always get the job done. 

When working in offline mode, work is saved directly to the iPad. When an internet connection is available, that work is uploaded and synchronized with project data stored in the cloud.  

No matter where that inspection is happening or how unreliable the internet connection is, you can still meet with the homeowner or resident and capture all important information reliably. 

Which devices does it work on?

The web version of Tribe Home Pro works on any phone, tablet, or web-browser-enabled device. For Offline use and Inspection Sign-offs, use our iPad App.

What information is recorded in your tools for inspections?

Tribe Home Pro records: 

  • Titles. 
  • Descriptions. 
  • Trades or contractors. 
  • Progress status. 
  • Messages. 
  • Time and date stamps on any issue changes. 
  • Pictures. 
  • Owner information. 
  • Unit and space information, and more. 

Do you have an owner submission portal in your tool? How do you manage and organize these submissions?

Yes, residents can submit issues directly to your team upon move-in using Tribe Home. They can use their phone, tablet or computer to sign into our app. Once logged in they follow a simple workflow that lets them input detailed information and photos about the issue they are reporting.  

You will automatically receive these issues in Tribe Home Pro and use it like you did to organize your PDIs or deficiencies. One tool for all your issue scenarios.  

How do I learn more?

To learn more about our tools and pricing, please contact our sales department or call us at (Toll-Free) 1.888.773.8381 x 702.

I don’t see a feature I require. How can I check if you have it?

Our team is constantly releasing new tools and features that improve how Tribe Home Pro benefits our clients and users. Reach out and ask.

Or,  book a demonstration to see first-hand what we can do now and what we have planned. We’d love to get your feedback on how we can help you better.

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