We aim to provide the most comprehensive suite of products and services for building and managing residential communities.

A Solution For Everyone…

Residential communities are supported by many different roles and relationships. Our holistic solution focuses on simplifying living for the following six stakeholder groups within new developments and existing communities.

Access to community information, building health, payment options, exclusive offers. Easy, trackable communication with residents and councils.


On-demand access to important records, documents and services with full transparency and accountability.

Councils & Boards

Processes and tools that free up time for more efficient management services. Improved industry reputation.

Property Managers

Organized data, easy payments, improved tenant relationships, improved workflows.


Tools to track all deficiencies, access to building data, digital owners’ manuals. Seamless hand-over to management team.


Easier access between trades, service providers and communities.


Products and Services

Management Services

Management Services - Tribe Management and Meritus Group

Tribe Management

Our Tribe Management division offers technology-elevated management services for condo and strata management, as well as rental management in BC, Alberta and Ontario. Tribe provides on-demand access to important records and documents, simple communication tools, online payment options, bookable amenities and a ticketing system for residents to notify their developer or management of issues, warranty concerns and deficiencies through our Tribe Home platform.


Meritus Group Management

Meritus Group Management brings condo management solutions to the Greater Toronto area from its office in North York. The team brings experience, integrity and professionalism to their service delivery, and believes that condominium communities benefit from a management relationship that is built on trust and respect, through transparency, accuracy and reliability.


Management Services - Tribe Management and Meritus Group
Tribe Home Community Platform - Tribe Property Technologies - The Loop

Community Platform – Tribe Home

Tribe Home Community Platform - Tribe Property Technologies - The Loop

Our condo-living platform Tribe Home strengthens communications, empowers residents and builds community. Tribe Home offers high-value for community residents with features that allow councils, boards and HOAs to protect their real estate investment through accessibility, transparency, greater collaboration and self-service tools for residents.

Examples include secure and easy communications tools with easy-to-find records, 24/7 access to shared community documents, amenity booking and a help desk ticketing system. It is Home in the palm of your hand.

Developer Tools – Tribe Home

Tribe provides real estate developers with the tools to track deficiencies, digitize building data and owners’ manuals, and facilitate the handover of a completed community to owners and property managers with our Tribe Home suite of tools for developers.

Tribe Home is used by property developers to organize and streamline post-construction workflow from pre-inspection and owner walk-throughs to post-occupancy and beyond.

Developers can digitally track and manage home issues, while owners can access digital homeowner manuals and submit warranty issues upon move-in, directly to customer care teams.

Landlord Tools – Pendo

Our rental management software is used as a one-stop online tool designed to streamline landlord tasks and improve communications and transactions with renters.

The tool eliminates tedious tasks and streamlines every step in the rental process, allowing users to take advantage of listing websites, online rental applications, tenant vetting and onboarding, digital lease agreements, cashflow management, online rent collection and financial reporting.

This software is available to owner-investors within Tribe’s end-to-end community solution.