Service Providers

Prevention and maintenance are key to building health. Tribe works closely with service providers to support the maintenance, management and longevity of a building.

    Tribe Home Market


    Are you a service provider interested in supporting the operations, maintenance and overall health of multi-family residential buildings?

    We partner with service providers to bring sustainable building solutions to the hundreds of buildings we manage across Canada, including:

    • Water-metering
    • Telecommunications
    • Water leak prevention
    • Sub-metering
    • EV chargers
    • Telecommunications
    • Security systems
    • Smart parcel lockers
    • Carbon reductions
    • And more

    Our Partners

    Hytec water management

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    If you think your service would be a good fit for support the maintenance, management and longevity of Tribe-managed buildings across the country, please reach out to our Partnerships Team at