Innovation in Proptech and How Tribe is Redefining the Meaning of Community.

May 31, 2021


In this episode we invite a guest whose been making headlines as the visionary behind a new approach to property management. Founder of Tribe Property TechnologiesJoseph Nakhla leads the vision for a comprehensive suite of products and services that cater for building and managing residential communities. Tribe Property Technologies is a technology-enabled platform of services that works together with owners, residents, councils, and developers to understand community and what that means from pre-construction to post-occupancy. They’re redefining property management and making COMMUNITY, their new type of business.

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Tribe Achieves Record Revenue in Second Quarter 2023

   Revenue increased 11.3% in Q2-2023 compared to Q2-2022, driven by organic growth and acquisitions. During Q2-2023 Tribe implemented additional cost reduction strategies to improve margins and accelerate its path to profitability. Management’s outlook is for...