Vancouver’s Tribe Begins Trading On The TSX Venture Exchange

Apr 14, 2021

Vancouver-headquartered Tribe Property Technologies began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange today after a qualifying transaction late last year that had Cherry Street Capital acquire Bazinga Technologies.

Tribe simplifies condominium complex and residential community living through the delivery of tech-enabled community management products and services.

An estimated $90 billion in payments are collected and contributed by homeowners in communities across North America every year. Tribe wants to disrupt this traditional property management industry with a tech-forward solution that simplifies management for everyone – from owners and developers to managers and residents.

“Tribe’s technology is revolutionizing an industry ripe for innovation at a time when the demand for simple, integrated, value-generating solutions has never been greater,” said Joseph Nakhla, Tribe’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Tribe is all about addressing the pain points for developers, owners, residents and managers of condominiums and residential communities, from maintenance and payments to shared services. Our platform offers a one-stop-shop that provides a seamless and efficient way for residential communities to operate and connect.”

Powered by the company’s original technology bazinga!, Tribe simplifies the challenges around condo management through digitization and AI, making it easy for owners, council members and managers to communicate with each other and look after client buildings.

Tribe’s property technology management platform is currently being deployed in a number of iconic condominium complexes and residential communities across Canada, including the Shangri-La and Woodward’s in Vancouver.

Tribe’s public listing follows quickly on the back of the company’s successful acquisition of Gateway Property Management late last year, which made it the 6th largest condo management company and 6th largest rental management company in Canada.

With 8,000 small property management companies across North America, there is no doubt that Tribe will be looking to grow its market share with acquisition opportunities like Gateway in the property management sector.

Vancouver’s Aquilini Group owns 28% of Tribe Property Technologies.